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Wood With A History

Early Days of Logging
Sinker Mahogany Dreadnought Guitar

Welcome to Bear Creek Custom Timber LLC, where we take pride in crafting exquisite and environmentally conscious products for our valued customers. Our woodworking company is dedicated to utilizing the most beautiful materials available, which happen to be the countless fallen and cut trees from our very own community.

Our offerings include a diverse range for music enthusiasts, we specialize in creating pre-war style acoustic guitars that exude both classic charm and exceptional sound quality. These guitars are meticulously crafted, ensuring that each instrument is unique and perfect for musicians seeking an extraordinary playing experience.

In addition to our musical masterpieces, we also offer from time to time heirloom-quality home decor pieces and coffee tables. Made from locally sourced fallen trees, each creation tells a story of nature's beauty and resilience. Our team transform these reclaimed materials into functional and breathtaking pieces that complement any living space.

By choosing Bear Creek Custom Timber, our customers not only acquire exquisite products but also contribute to sustainable practices. Together, we are giving these remarkable trees a second life and reducing waste in our community, one tree at a time. Experience the artistry and dedication behind our handcrafted creations, and be a part of our commitment to preserving the beauty of nature through sustainable woodworking.

Cocobolo 0 Size Dreadnought
200 Year Old Salvaged Heart Pine
Heart Pine and Tools of the Trade

Our TikTok Viral Video on Channel 10 News "On The Road with Bobby Lewis"

Channel 10 News"On The Road with Bobby Lewis"

We were featured on an episode of LocalShops1 "Lowdown with Pat Largo"

Bear Creek Custom Timber on Fox 13 News, "Made In Tampa Bay" 


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