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                           Cutting Board Care

Congratulations on your purchase of a custom cutting board from Bear Creek Custom Timber.  Your cutting board will provide many years of service and should last forever, however it does require a minimal amount of maintenance to maintain that like new beauty.


  1. Your new board has already been “seasoned” with a food grade conditioner. Once your board starts appearing “dull” or “dry”, it’s time to re-oil your board. Bear Creek Custom Timber recommends using its own “Timber Grease” that came with your board when you purchased it. Just rub the Timber Grease into the board, let it sit for a few hours and polish it off with a clean cloth.


 2.  If Timber Grease is not available, you can use Mineral Oil, available at Walmart       and apply in a similar fashion as outlined above.


 3.  Keep your knives sharp. You won't have to press down as hard and your                 cutting board will suffer fewer marks. Avoid sawing your knife back and forth       when it is in contact with the board and vary where you cut on the board: If           you always cut in the same spot, you will eventually cut a groove in it.


 4.  Keep it dry. When cutting wet food, remove the food promptly when you’re             finished, and dry the board so the moisture won't have a long time to soak in,       which could make the wood swell (not a swell idea if you want it to last).


 5. Clean your board as soon as you’re done with it. Never, ever, ever run a

     wooden cutting board through the dishwasher or let it soak in water!

     Brush crumbs off or rinse the board under running water using a stiff brush.        Immediately dry the board with a towel. Use hot water and a little mild                  dishwashing soap to remove oily residues.


Following these instructions will ensure your cutting board will remain as beautiful and functional as the day you brought it home.


Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop us an email at BearCreekCustomTimber@gmail.com and we will assist you in any way possible.


                                                    Thanks Again,

                                                        Bear Creek Custom Timber

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