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Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What is a luthier?  -  A luthier is a skilled artisan who designs, builds, repairs and maintains stringed musical instruments, primarily guitars.

2) How much does it cost to have a custom acoustic guitar built? - The cost varies widely based on the type of wood desired as well as how ornate the guitar is and the amount of time required to complete the build. 

3) How long does it take to build a custom guitar? - Building a custom instrument can take several months to more than a year depending on the complexity of the design and our current workload.

4) What kinds of woods do you use in your builds? - We typically use Sitka Spruce , Adirondack Spruce and Redwood for our soundboards, and we offer Cocobolo, Honduran Mahogany, Sinker Mahogany, Maple, Black Walnut and Sycamore for our backs and sides.

5) What's the difference between your guitars and a factory made guitar? - Handmade guitars are crafted individually, spending hours, sometimes days bracing and tap tuning the soundboards, resulting in unique and superior quality. Factory - made instruments are mass produced and often lack the personal touch and attention to detail of handcrafted guitars. Additionally, all of our guitars are built in the "pre-war" style.

6) What does "Pre-War Style" mean? - A "pre-war" guitar refers to an acoustic guitar that was manufactured before World War II, specifically before the outbreak of World War II in 1939. These guitars are highly sought after by musicians and collectors due to their superior tone and exceptional craftsmanship. In our opinion, quality pre-war guitars are the standard by which all others are judged by.

6) Can I visit your shop to see your work firsthand? - Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. Simply give us a call and we can set a time for you to visit, see our current builds and if available, play one of our completed guitars.


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